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Our Services

SpencerCom provides a wide range of technology services to meet any Voice, IT or Emergency Communications need. From phones to data protection and recovery, we’ll connect you with the right services to keep your business, school or township running effectively, smoothly and with greater security.

Voice Services

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) -VoIP offers numerous communications benefits often at a lower cost. Traditional phone lines are pricey and utilize dated circuit switching technology on antiquated infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – It’s crucial that every business have a backup plan. With the increasing number of cyber threats and threat from natural disasters, the need for a “plan B” ...

Business Internet and Data Connectivity

Broadband Solutions – Broadband is a term used to describe several different types of internet access.

Share 911 Emergency Communications

There is a Better Way to Manage a Critical Event – Share911 utilizes your smartphone, tablet or computer to empower any employee, teacher or staff member who sees danger or needs help...