Voice Services

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – VoIP offers numerous communications benefits often at a lower cost. Traditional phone lines are pricey and utilize dated circuit switching technology on antiquated infrastructure. VoIP utilizes “packet switching” which allows businesses to transmit and receive voice, data and video – all over much newer, faster and efficient networks. As a result, monthly expenses are inevitably reduced.

Top reasons to make the move to VoIP

Hosted VoIP is user friendly – An easy to use web interface allows you to control and manage all business communications from your computer. The expensive hardware box and costly maintenance is now eliminated. All moves, adds and changes are simply and securely done through the web interface.

Hosted VoIP is adaptive – Traditional phone systems utilize hard lines that are costly and time consuming to alter. With Hosted VoIP’s rapid scalability, lines can be added or removed on the fly.

Hosted VoIP is versatile – Physical VoIP phones and soft phones on a PC or mobile device can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. Additional phones can be configured and shipped overnight. Remote and traveling users operate as if they were present in your office with an extension and access to all features.

Hosted VoIP is feature rich – Caller ID, Call Waiting, Extension Lines, Menus, Conferencing, Call Queuing and many more features are all available.

Hosted VoIP provides crystal clear sound quality – Safe from static on old analog networks, hosted VoIP is engineered with Quality of Service equipment ensuring your calls are consistently reliable and clear.

Hosted VoIP comes with a low start up cost – While traditional PBX systems are incredibly expensive to implement and maintain, Hosted VoIP lets you buy or lease the phones at a relatively low cost.

Hosted VoIP will save your business money – With minimal IT support required and a simple user interface, you’ll spend less time dealing with your phones and more time taking care of business. With hundreds of providers to choose from, SpencerCom will create the right Hosted VoIP solution for your business saving you valuable resources and money.

SIP Trunking – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows communication between devices on a network and has become the gateway for unified communications. SIP frequently replaces the need for costly PRI, dedicated phone line and ISDN services lowering monthly telephone costs. Most new IP premise-based PBX’s are inter-operable with SIP trunks. Additional benefits include automatic call re-routing should a location go offline, easy scalability and geographic phone numbers without costly RCF (Remote Call Forward) charges.

PRI – Primary Rate Interface is a telephone service that allows multiple phone numbers to transverse a single or multiple T-1 or circuits. For businesses requiring multiple telephone numbers without the justification for individual lines, PRI’s allow multiple numbers for one location cost effectively.

Local and Long Distance Phone Services – Depending on where your company is located, there could be as many as 50 service providers competing for your business. SpencerCom will provide the guidance needed to make an educated decision and avoid being locked into contracts at higher rates. Most local telephone and cable providers offer bundled rates that included long distance. Based on your company’s usage, we’ll help determine if a measured or unlimited plan is best for your business.

Unified Communications – Business communications, both internally and externally, need to be smooth, high quality and cost effective. Today’s unified communications solutions include superior voice, video, messaging and more. Utilizing your input, SpencerCom will evaluate which solution is the best match for your needs. If you’re interested in a hosted solution to offload management, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based option we’ll help you consider.