Cloud Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery  – It’s crucial that every business have a backup plan.  With the increasing number of cyber threats and threat from natural disasters, the need for a “plan B” is vital to secure data and maintain your businesses connectivity and uptime.  Research shows that 72% of businesses that suffer a major data loss shut down within 24 months.  A strong backup and disaster recovery plan can ensure that your network stays up and prevents a staggering loss of revenue and customers.  SpencerCom helps you determine your backup needs, choose the right provider and solution and stays with you to make sure it’s there when you need it.

Virtualization – No longer is it necessary to host all your hardware and software yourself. We’ll help you select, implement and utilize the latest virtualization solutions so your business operates efficiently while cutting costs. Virtualization enables your move to the cloud, reduces maintenance and operating costs, delays the need to refresh hardware, makes hardware and software installation more efficient, increases security and reduces the number of physical servers required. There are tons of suppliers out there; we’ll help you choose the right one. Our providers are the best in the business and will offer the solution that’s right for you. Our commitment to stay with you through the post-sale process will ensure your solution is working for you.

Microsoft Cloud Workspace – Provides a flexible, easily accessible and cost-effective solution enabling secure access to all applications (such as office 365), desktops and data from all devices, anywhere.  Transitioning applications and data to the cloud supports remote employees, mobile work and BYOD (bring your own device).  It’s an ideal choice to simplify IT infrastructure and reduce technology costs.

Internet Faxing – also known as Online fax, E-Fax and Cloud Fax, simply utilizes the internet to send and receive faxes rather than a traditional fax machine connected to a phone line. This technology eliminates costly phone lines and offers greater privacy. Faxes are sent to private email and automatically converted to PDF or TIFF format. Faxes are delivered to an e-mail as a storable and printable file and no additional hardware or software is needed. Encrypted faxes are stored online and multiple faxes can be sent and received simultaneously from cell phones, tablets, in fact from any location that has internet access.