About Us

About us

SpencerCom first works with clients to understand their specific current needs and future goals. We then utilize our insider knowledge of the continuously evolving telecom industry and our ability to spot just the right custom solutions that meet client expectations and budget. This translates to streamlined cost, valuable time savings, greater data security and greater safety for all personnel.

From project start to finish and beyond, SpencerCom will stay with you, not only providing customer support, but also keeping you informed of new and emerging technologies. We want to ensure that you have the right communications services at the right price to make your business successful.

Al Spesaison – Founder

Al has worked in the telecom industry since 1995 providing Voice, Data and Cloud services to businesses, school districts and municipalities.  His goal has always been to bring the best communications solutions to his clients. Frankly, doing so has lead to numerous referrals and more sales. As the industry has evolved, an ever-increasing array of options has become available. As a result, a single supplier cannot always provide all the best solutions.  In response to this, Al has sought out a means to provide the best products and services from a diverse and competitive list of suppliers.

This now allows Al to find the most cost efficient and beneficial telecom services to satisfy client needs while maintaining a superior level of customer service for which he’s known.